Natural Resources Conservation

There are many natural resources that we have and we usually use those natural resources every day. One of the natural resources that we consume is water. Since the world’s population is continually increasing and buildings and infrastructures are being established, it is not a surprise that water has become contaminated. Various chemicals are added to the bodies of water like in rivers, streams, and even in the ocean. These chemicals are turned into waste water and many marine creatures die due to the toxins from the chemicals.

The main point of this topic is on how each of us will be able to understand the importance of natural resources conservation. In other words, it is all about awareness. As we use and consume those natural resources around us such as plants and animals that serves as our food, water for various purposes especially drinking water, and trees that are being used as firewood or materials in building a house, the amount continually decreases. This is why it has to be conserved.

If the natural resources are not conserved, it will soon be consumed and everyone will be in trouble or crisis. This is why each of us have a very important role in keeping the natural resources available even for the next few years. The words “conserve water” is usually seen everywhere. During summer, many are complaining because of the lack of water. Land, air, and heavy metals are also examples of natural resources. If these resources are conserved, then it can still be used.