Services and Outreach Programs

There are non-profit organizations around the world which has the mission or goal to provide services that are beneficial for the development of a country including the conservation and protection of the wildlife and their habitats. Among those non-profit organization that have this goal is the Oklawaha Valley Audubon Society. This organization also offer educational programs, field trips and other outreach activities. Through these services and outreach programs that this organization offer, the local community can have the awareness about the environmental issues that happen regularly.

There are many environmental issues that occur everyday. The only concern of this organization is to protect and help in the conservation of the birds and their habitat all over America. They also encourage many who have the same concern. Remember that without the birds, there will be an imbalance in the ecosystem. And everything will be affected including humans. Through field trips, there will be some demonstration such as Bird Banding or Mist-Netting. The focus of this organization is on the area of Lake County.

All of the bird species that are present in the area are being protected and it is good that many of the local communities or residents are also willing to join. Even if many are not interested, joining such a non-profit organization that focuses on the protection of the wildlife such as birds, especially the migratory birds is one of the best decisions that you are to make not just for your own benefit but also for such living creatures.